Lydia – Our 3rd Grader Sponsor

One of our goals is to help foster friendships and partnerships between our supporters in the United States and our friends and colleagues in Niger. However, because our supporters are spread out throughout the United States and around the world, this is not an easy task. The distance makes it challenging to create a sense of community. Perhaps, by sharing our stories, we can help “bridge the distance.”

Some of our most dedicated supporters are children! This week, we would like to introduce you to Lydia, a third grader in Michigan. Through her support and compassion, she is helping to change a young girl’s life in Niger

Meet Lydia! She is sponsoring a student that goes to the Zinder school.

Hi! My name is Lydia De Young. I am a 3rd grader in a Christian school in Michigan. I love to go to school and do things like art. I wanted to sponsor Nana Fassouma A. because I wanted her to be able to go to school, learn about Jesus and have a healthy home. I like to play with friends and maybe if she couldn’t go to school she wouldn’t be able to have friends or do things like sports, art or know about Jesus. I feel happy that I can help Nana Fassouma A. Maybe it would make you happy too!