Medical treatment for Abdou

God sometimes reveals unexpected opportunities for us to help children in Niger. Kara first met Jamila and her young son Abdou in the fall of 2017 when she was making a visit to our boarding school. At that time, Abdou had a medical concern that was quite alarming. Isti, the director of the school brought this specific medical need to Kara’s attention. He was concerned and wanted to see if Remember Niger could help with some of the medical costs.

Abdou came to school on the 1st day of classes with make-shift crutches. He couldn’t put any weight on the leg because his knee was swollen to the size of a softball. Abdou is a small boy, so the amount of swelling was disturbing. He went to the local hospital and had tests done, including having x-rays taken of the knee. We met with Jamila, Abdou’s mother and she explained that he had fallen while playing and that the outside part of the wound had healed, but the swelling wouldn’t go away. This information concerned Kara because she knew that it could be life-threatening, as in similar situations she had seen in previous years. She was nervous that Abdou would wait too long to get the right treatment. Thanks to the sponsorship program, she was able to provide money so that he could see a specialist and get medicine and treatment if necessary.

When she returned to Niger in March, Kara had a heart-warming exchange with Abdou and his mother. They explained with joy and thanksgiving that Abdou is now healed because of the medical treatment we were able to provide! Thank you for the many ways that you support children in Niger.