Meet the Tanseys

One of our goals is to help foster friendships and partnerships between our supporters in the United States and our friends and colleagues in Niger. However, because our supporters are spread out throughout the United States and around the world, this is not an easy task. The distance makes it challenging to create a sense of community. Perhaps, by sharing our stories, we can help “bridge the distance.”tanseys

Meet the Tanseys from Washington, DC. They have been a part of Remember Niger from the beginning and have been instrumental in ensuring that we achieve our goals.

From Martha & Kevin Tansey

We first met Kara when she had just returned to the United States after having worked in Niger for two years. She made us aware of the great needs in Niger. So when she started Remember Niger, we were anxious to contribute since we knew that Kara would run an excellent organization and that the money would go directly to help the people of Niger. We are so impressed by how much Remember Niger has accomplished with the funds raised in just four years: new schools built, teachers trained, students suddenly able to attend school for the first time, computer labs established, and healthy food provided for needy students. There’s so much more that needs to be done in this poorest of poor countries, but it’s a very satisfying feeling to be part of Remember Niger’s wonderful effort.