Mission Hospital at Galmi, by Alex Parler

Yesterday (Friday), we all took a tour of the mission hospital at Galmi, a small town between Maradi and Niamey, the capital. The hospital was started in 1949 and has been growing ever since to include four operating rooms, a physical therapy wing, an ICU, a neonatal care center, prenatal care, an emergency room, and ARV services, among many others. The success of the hospital is made possible by the missionary doctors and nurses that donate their time and skills to the hospital. Their vision and dedication is truly inspiring and necessary in our mission to aid the people of Niger in more ways than one. It was so exciting to see another group making so much progress. Shortly after the tour, we received a call from our pilot saying that the dust storm was too bad for flying. We are all recovering from the nine followed. Now we are in the capital, ready to keep working!

Alex Parler

Galmi Hospital 2.jpg