My Travels to Aguie


Yesterday, I traveled an hour east to visit the Aguie Christian School, another Remember Niger Coalition supported school. It has a very encouraging and interesting history. It began as a preschool in a storage room at the church’s Bible School (the denomination we support). The picture below shows the outside of the very first classroom. The school began when the adult students at the Bible school wanted a place for their children to attend school. They took it upon themselves to start the preschool. Each year since, they have added another classroom. Once the school grew to include 3 grades, they decided to move to a piece of property closer to the village, which the church owns. This gave them more room and made it more accessible to children from the village.

aguie_shedThe really exciting thing about this project is that those involved have done this with very little outside help. Unfortunately, that means that many of the structures are temporary and made of grass. This is a problem because dust whips up into the students’ eyes when the wind blows during the cool season and, during the rainy season, rain falls through the structure and ruins it. The top picture is taken inside one of the temporary classrooms. Not surprisingly, when the teachers were asked about their number one need, they responded by saying that they are desperate for permanent cement classrooms. Last fall I applied for a grant through the Presbyterian Church (USA) thank offering for the construction of a school building. We’ll find out in March or April if we will receive the funding.