Naomi – Sponsorship Recipient at Aguie

Naomi at Aguie

Naomi at the Aguie Primary School

Just before we were to leave Aguie, a young 6th grade student stood up in her classroom and said she had something that she would like to say. Naomi told us that she is orphan who lives with her grandma. Without her sponsorship, she does not know where she would be or what she would be doing. She is very thankful to have this opportunity to be someone. She continued to say that there are many, many more children like her and she hopes that we will be able to help with a sponsorship. I was so impressed with her courage to make this speech and found it moving that she was thinking of other children who need an education too. It was easy to see that she was nervous, but also, she felt passionately about what she was saying. She has a bright future in front of her.