News from Kara in Niger

Hello from Niger! After making the trip from Michigan into Niamey, I’m experiencing quite an adjustment in temperature. The hot season has already begun in Niger. It usually starts in March or early April and goes until May or June when the rainy season begins. At this point, the temperature is only in the 80s during the night, but during the day the sun has been very strong and hot. In fact, it is consistently over 100 degrees and there have been a couple of days when it has gone above 110 degrees!

During the week of this trip, Ibrahim and I traversed the southern part of the country visiting 9 of our 11 partners in just 6 days. Very poor phone and internet connection makes it impossible for me to communicate with the US until I return from my cross-country travels. Now that we are back in Niamey, we will visit the schools here during the coming week. In total, this trip will take us to 6 cities in 5 regions and will cover nearly 1,500 miles.

It has been a joy to observe classes, interact with the students and meet with our partners. Our goals for this trip include bringing letters to sponsored students and gathering their progress reports, visiting the new preschool and trying out the new solar powered well, meeting with our partners to discuss current and future projects, meeting potential new partners and so much more. It is a busy but rewarding time.

Photos below: the new Aguie Preschool and students in other classrooms.




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