News from Kara in Niger – A Family I Met

I’d like to introduce you to this family I met the other day. The family has just returned from Nigeria, where the father went to find work a few years ago. Since returning, he has enrolled the 5 oldest children in one of the schools we support. The youngest child is still at home. They are slowly making the adjustment to life in Niger. Although they speak three languages, including English, they do not know Hausa or French, the languages used at the school. I really enjoyed meeting them and talking to them.

The two youngest in this picture need sponsors! Ladi is in preschool. She loves to sing, her favorite game is “running”, and she likes to play dolls with her friends. Ruth in in 1st grade and her favorite subject is math. When I asked her what she wants to be when she’s older, she replied that it really didn’t matter as long as she has a job. I imagine that will change as she gets older and becomes more aware of her opportunities.