Honor your Mother or a loved one with the perfect gift this Mother's Day.

Maryam and her mom

On a recent trip to Niger, a teacher told me that one of her students, 7-year-old Maryam, had been rejected by other schools because they believed she was mentally ill. When I met Maryam, her eyes shone brightly, and her positive, gentle spirit radiated infectiously. Like her teacher, I saw that she was articulate and […]

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In honor of mothers, the Remember Niger Coalition has established a special scholarship fund for secondary school girls.

Parent-teacher conference

Typically, there is little to no communication between parents and teachers in Nigerien public schools. However, while visiting Aguie Primary, a Remember Niger supported school, Headmistress Leahtou introduced us to a mother who just completed a parent-teacher conference. The young mother learned that her 4th grade son, Jamilou is struggling with his classwork. Like a […]

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Safe housing and access to school

Ousseina completed 6th grade and passed the required national grade exam, but without a middle school in her small village she would have to live in a large city in order to continue her education. Her mother immediately got to work, by contacting Isti, the director of RNC supported boarding school in Tsibiri. Isti had […]

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The Mother's Fund is a scholarship fund for girls in Niger honoring the strength and love of mothers.

Support and encouragement for her son

Looking at this proud mother gaze at her son with love and admiration, you would never guess that this young man is deaf. Life has not been easy for him. During a visit, we were once again reminded that deafness often means exclusion in Niger because of the great challenge of communication. Fortunately, this young […]

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News from Kara in Niger

Hello from Niger! After making the trip from Michigan into Niamey, I’m experiencing quite an adjustment in temperature. The hot season has already begun in Niger. It usually starts in March or early April and goes until May or June when the rainy season begins. At this point, the temperature is only in the 80s […]

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News from Kara in Niger – A Family I Met

I’d like to introduce you to this family I met the other day. The family has just returned from Nigeria, where the father went to find work a few years ago. Since returning, he has enrolled the 5 oldest children in one of the schools we support. The youngest child is still at home. They […]

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News from Kara in Niger – Ashley Hall Students

The 3rd and 5th graders at Ashley Hall in Charleston, SC have partnered with us and are connecting with students in Niger! They have spent time learning about our schools and about what it is like to be a student in Niger. The Ashley Hall students then wrote letters, assembled books, and made bracelets for […]

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News from Kara in Niger – Listen to Nana Fadima Sing!

We have 10 kindergarten students who need sponsors as soon as possible! They all such kind and energetic kids, eager to learn and to be in school. You are going to love this video of Nana Fadima (in pink in the middle). She is one of the kindergarteners in need of a sponsor. Listen to […]

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Your Big Impact

We invite you to take a few minutes to watch this video about the Remember Niger Coalition. It is a labor of time, energy and love…one that we want to share with you because we realize that most of you will not get to travel to Niger. As you watch, know that your gifts go […]

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