Niger Summer Mission 2011 – Re-Introduction

Greetings from Maradi … if you have been wondering why there has yet to be any blog to read, well this is Niger and unfortunately connections are difficult to get and slow once you do.  A slow connection most days would be a good thing certainly compared to our experience.  But for one brief moment in time, we have not been able to get online.  So, sorry for that.  We are all a bit frustrated because these challenges have meant no ability to read and write emails.  My hope is that we will be able to post consistently moving forward … no guarantees.
As one of his contributions to our work this week, Joe has offered to write the blog for me while I attend to other matters … he’s also serving as our de facto photographer.  Sharing the pictures at this time might be near impossible, but once home we will be making them available for you to see what we’ve seen and done.  Perhaps during the balance of our time in Niger, other volunteers may like to share their perspectives.

Bye for now.  Thank you all for your support and encouragement to me and to my team.  We all feel the benefits of the prayers and good thoughts coming our way.


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