The Hamsa Center (Secondary School)

In Niger, only 9% of girls continue school after 6th grade. The number of girls who matriculate to high school and college is even smaller, and 75% of girls marry early. The goal of the Hamsa Center is to reverse these statistics through a quality, gender-sensitive education by providing adolescent girls the support, life skills and resources needed to become leaders.

Situated in the heart of the Tahoua region, the Hamsa Center will be the only all-girls middle and high school with wrap-around services for out-of-school adolescent girls. The Center provides a culturally sensitive, yet progressive array of programs that include tutoring for exam remediation and advancement, mentoring, technology instruction, retraining skills, and scholarships for vulnerable students


Aguie Primary School

The Advanced Bible School of the Evangelical Church of Niger, serving adults, is located just outside the village of Aguie. For more than a decade the staff and students of this school had wanted to open a primary school in order to provide quality education to their children and the children of the village. They took this project upon themselves and opened the Aguie Primary School with one kindergarten class in 2006.

The school added a class each year, and quickly outgrew the space. The first permanent structure was completed in 2011 and the school filled up immediately.  A second classroom building has also been built so that all students attend school in a permanent school. 



A permanent classroom building has not yet been built in this community, however classes for both primary and secondary students are being held in a church-owned building.


Madaoua Primary School

One building, with three classrooms, was constructed in 2015.


Niamey Primary School

Niamey is the capital and largest city in Niger.  Although there are some schools in Niamey, the need for more is great.  The EERN school property is in an area of the city that has few schools.

Construction on the classroom buildings, latrines and more began in 2013 and continues into 2016. 


Tsibiri Primary Boarding School

Tsibiri Primary Boarding School, located about 15 minutes outside of Maradi, is the oldest EERN school.

Tsibiri offers unique opportunities for students and teachers. As a boarding school, it has more needs for food and medical care. But it also has the region’s only computer lab and serves the entire EERN as a location for teacher training and seminars.

The school has a solid reputation and attracts students from all over the region, not just from the village of Tsibiri. Additionally, the parents of the students dream of a middle school, where their children can continue with their high level of education.


Zinder Primary and Secondary School

Zinder is currently the eastern-most EERN school in Niger. Strong leadership and remarkable interest from parents in Zinder led to the construction of a pre-school, kindergarten and first grade in 2007.

The property consists of the pre-school and another school buildings with three classrooms. By law, the preschool must be separate and must have a separate wall, which was finished in 2013.

Zinder is also the location of the first EERN Secondary School, built in 2016.