The School of Hope

The Remember Niger Coalition and the Maradi Center for People with Disabilities are partnering together to create the School of Hope for Children with Disabilities. The Maradi Center for People with Disabilities is a dynamic resource and vocational training center for people with disabilities in the Maradi region of Niger. The Maradi Handicap Association and the Hosanna Institute work together to provide people with disabilities the opportunity to receive vocational training.

Additionally, the Center provides a specialized tutoring program for children with disabilities, as well as providing tutoring to children whose parents have disabilities. Remember Niger has found that often, it is the children who become constant “helpers” or “guides” for family members with disabilities and, therefore, are excluded from the formal education system themselves. For several years, we have provided school supplies to the Maradi Center, and in 2019, at the Center’s request, we are working with them to build a school community specifically for children with disabilities and children whose parents or families have disabilities. By building a school, many children who have been excluded from education will be able to attend school while their parents are participating in Maradi Center programs.

Maradi Center for People with Disabilities, School of Hope for Children with Disabilities