One by One, Student Sponsorships Change Lives


Tsahirou in 2012


Tsahirou in 2013

As I shook his hand and introduced myself, my heart hurt for Tsahirou (Ta-hee-roo), one of the student sponsorship recipients.  He seemed so uncertain and lacked the confidence that many of his fellow students had.  His outfit was disheveled and it looked like it had been a while since he had had a good bath.  That was in January 2012.  What a surprise, relief and joy it was to see a changed boy this year.  Now, Tsahirou is happy and sure of himself.  When I talked to him this January, instead of looking like he wished the ground would swallow him, he answered my questions confidently and with a smile in freshly washed clothes!

This experience helped me see in a very concrete way that a quality education provides us with the skills, knowledge and CONFIDENCE needed to be the people we were created to be and to positively transform our lives and communities.

This January, when I met many of the other new student sponsorship recipients, I was reminded of Tsahirou from the previous year.  There they stood, unsure of themselves, not certain of what was expect of them.  I’m looking forward to seeing them again next year, when they will have made the transformation into confident and happy young students.

Aguie sponsored students

Aguie sponsored students

Students in Niger – those who attend school – feel they are so lucky.  While in Niger in January, we interviewed some sponsored students.  When asked what they like about school, they each responded they like school because they are a student.  As students, so many opportunities will open up to them!   View our short video about these students.