Our Day at Aguie Primary School

On Monday, we spent the morning at the Aguie Primary School. Here are some observations and stories…

Last tree remaining Aguie

Last tree remaining Aguie


Our volunteer group had the opportunity to plant trees at the Aguie School when we were here three years ago. Of the 7-8 trees that were planted at that time only one is still alive. It’s not easy for trees to take root and hold on in the sandy soil and dry climate. That’s why this past rainy season, they planted over 30 more trees. It seems like a lot, but the hope is that 5 – 10 will survive. The shade the trees provide is invaluable!


I cannot thank our supporters in the United States enough for their generosity in providing funds to buy medicine kits for the schools we support! It is one of the most valuable gifts we can give. We were very happy to deliver a kit to the Aguie Primary School today. Many people in the US were wondering what is in a kit. They consist of aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol (Tylenol), Flagyl (to treat parasites) bactrim (to treat bacterial dysentery, and quinine (to treat malaria).

Delivering medicine to Aguie

Delivering medicine to Aguie

Often, parents are unable to afford the treatment for these common maladies, and so the school must do it. We will deliver the medicine to Tsibiri tomorrow and the other schools on Wednesday. Thank you!!!

Sponsored Students

The Aguie Primary School was started by adult students who attend the nearby EERN’s Bible College. These students study at the bible college for 3-4 years and then are assigned to a village where they intend to start a church. They are not wealthy and therefore, most of the students who are sponsored at the Aguie Primary School are children of the bible college students. However, I was talking to the directress of the school and she told me that a couple of the sponsored students have a different story. Their mothers were prostitutes and had their children out of wedlock. When they later decided to marry, they sent their children to live with their grandparents in Aguie. The grandparents are so thankful and happy that they have the opportunity to send their grandchildren to such a good school! Thank you!!

Sponsored studentSponsored students