Parent-teacher conference

In honor of mothers, the Remember Niger Coalition has established a special scholarship fund for secondary school girls.

Typically, there is little to no communication between parents and teachers in Nigerien public schools. However, while visiting Aguie Primary, a Remember Niger supported school, Headmistress Leahtou introduced us to a mother who just completed a parent-teacher conference.

The young mother learned that her 4th grade son, Jamilou is struggling with his classwork. Like a lot of boys his age around the world who are very social and like to play, Jamilou was not focusing as well as he could have. The mother expressed her gratitude to Leahtou for ensuring that her son masters the subjects properly. They talked openly about ways they could work together to improve Jamilou’s performance and encourage better behavior. Although she herself never had the opportunity to go to school, Jamilou’s mother understands the necessary role she plays in her child’s education.