School Construction and Furnishings

Dogon Doutchi Committee

School buildings come to life because of the connection between our Nigerien partners and supporters in the United States and around the world.

Classroom infrastructure is pivotal to our mission to create quality educational opportunities in Niger.

The Remember Niger Coalition uses a collaborative model of partnership in which we work side by-side with Nigerien educational institutions, including churches, associations and non-profit organizations. We are committed to building strong relationships with our partners, which we see as fundamental to achieving our shared goals. The foundation of our partnerships consists of three core values: respect, trust, and a passion for providing quality educational opportunities to all Nigerien children and youth.

The Remember Niger Coalition partners with private and public schools in 5 of the 8 administrative regions in Niger. We currently have 10 partners who are at different stages in the establishment of safe and sustainable school communities.

Immediate and Future Impact of Classroom Construction

Construction allows each grade to have its own classroom, resulting in increased student registration and higher educational quality. The planned progression toward multi-level educational complexes in our partner schools provides permanent space for thousands of students to receive quality educations, pre-k through high school, in preparation for university and professional level degrees. Ultimately, individual student lives are shaped by an education that provides the necessary foundational elements and opportunities to become fully engaged citizens who are empowered to pursue their dreams.