Dogon Doutchi Committee
School buildings come to life because of the connection between our Nigerien partners and supporters in the United States and around the world.

If you build it, they will come…

This popular phrase is so true for the children in Niger.

Most Nigeriens lack the opportunity to go to school and receive a quality education. Nearly 65% of people in Niger have never been to school, and only 29% of the population is literate. (

Children in Niger want to go to school…

The Remember Niger Coalition works with partners in Niger to provide desperately needed education opportunities to the children in Niger. The objective is to provide higher-quality education in well-supplied classrooms with well-trained teachers.

  • Most Nigerien schools struggle with overcrowding and teacher strikes, which limit the amount of time students spend in the classroom.
  • There simply is a lack of schools, especially quality schools.

Construction, Maintenance, Supplies and Furniture

Primary School Classroom Building

Remember Niger and our Nigerien partners have supported several preschool, primary and secondary schools
The school in Tsibiri has been in existence since the 1960’s but the buildings are old and in constant need of repair. Other locations lacked permanent structures or no school existed at all.

Between 2006 and the present day, permanent buildings – brick and cement classroom blocks – have been constructed for Aguie, Zinder, Madaoua, Niamey and Dogon Douchti, including a secondary school in Zinder. Long-range plans also include schools in other locations where the EERN church owns property.

Hamsa Center for Girls (Secondary School)

In Niger, only 9% of girls continue school after 6th grade. The number of girls who matriculate to high school and college is even smaller, and 75% of girls marry early. The goal of the Hamsa Center is to reverse these statistics through a quality, gender-sensitive education by providing adolescent girls the support, life skills and resources needed to become leaders.

Situated in the heart of the Tahoua region, the Hamsa Center will be the only all-girls middle and high school with wrap-around services for out-of-school adolescent girls. The Center provides a culturally sensitive, yet progressive array of programs that include tutoring for exam remediation and advancement, mentoring, technology instruction, retraining skills, and scholarships for vulnerable students.

Required for Construction
School construction is completed in phases with each phase consisting of a three classroom block. Once the classrooms have been completed they must be equipped with desks, chalkboards, shelves, computers and supplies.

The schools also must have a wall surrounding the property, latrines, and water and electrical connections.

  • Construct one classroom block = $45,000 – $50,000
  • Wells, solar panels, latrines, hand-washing stations and supplies = range from $100 – $5,000
  • Books, supplies, desks, beds = range from $40 per student to $120 per desk/bed