Technology and Computer Labs

Beyond Building Classrooms

Technology and Computers

Computer education is rare in Niger and parents are eager to send children to our schools for the opportunity.

Once the physical infrastructure is established at our partner schools we are able to develop programs that support the core components of an education like filling seats with engaged students, curriculum enrichment, providing books and computers, and encouraging parent-teacher communication.

Computer Labs and Training

Computer labs at the schools are necessary to achieve our mission to expand quality educational opportunities in Niger. It helps to realize the vision in which Nigeriens are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to positively transform their country.

The computer labs help to reach our goals by ensuring:

  • More children attend school. Parents want their children to attend schools that have a computer lab.
  • Students will become “computer literate.” They will be able to use computers as a “gateway” into the global world, as well as to gain important knowledge and critical-thinking skills. As the President of the EERN said, “Being literate in today’s world means much more than just knowing your “ABC’s.”
  • Teachers (many of whom have never used a computer) will be provided with computer training during the summer break and throughout the school year.
  • High quality teachers will want to teach and remain at the schools because of the technological opportunities and the prestige of a computer lab.

Thus far, computer labs have been established in Tsibiri, Zinder and Aguie. Technology training has also been conducted for teachers and administrators. One of the teachers at the training had been the director of a public school for 27 years before being hired by the Tsibiri Primary School. This was the first time he had ever used a computer. After typing his name, he exclaimed, “I can’t believe I’ve never used a computer and now I can type my name!” By the end of the training he was doing much more.