Quite the adventure – but met with resounding SUCCESS!

The RNC team woke up nice and early on Tuesday so we could complete the 3.5 hour drive East to Zinder. The journey featured many sites including plateaus, large rock formations, and authentic African scenery. We arrived in Zinder around 10:30 AM. The primary school there is smaller than the school at Tsibiri, but has just as much spirit, as evident by the Nigerien flag in the center of campus and the high volume level of children’s voices.

The RNC action team hit the ground running as we simultaneously photographed the sponsored students and assisted them in creating cards for their sponsors. The true extent of our resilience and dedication was put to the test when we had a photo crisis in which many of the photos contained unsmiling students and, therefore, had to be retaken.

After a short driving tour of the bustling city of Zinder, the RNC adventure team braved the unknown world of a secondary school to take one more photo of a sponsored student (Houge – of many previous posts!)

The RNC trailblazers then went off the beaten path in the name of scenic picnic lunches. After a series of unfortunate events, a grave error by an over zealous gas station attendant threw the success of the whole operation into peril by pumping diesel instead of gasoline into one of the vehicles, requiring that it be drained. Thanks to the inherent and innate ingenuity of our good friend Joel, the RNC troopers piled into one particularly small car with the mission of reaching the school at Aguie, at all costs. Seeing the completed and fully-functioning school at Aguie, the first school that RNC has built from the ground, up, gave great satisfaction and meaning to all the hard work that the team and all involved in the effort have put in over the years. The students at Aguie clearly know that attending such a nice school in Niger is a rarity and a privilege, and likewise, their graciousness was abundant.