Rally for Niger – 2014

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The Rally for Niger event began five years ago with one supporter biking 50 miles to raise money to make a difference in Niger. Last year there were well over 100 participants having a lot of fun doing everything from biking to hula-hooping. What started as a “small” idea has turned into a BIG event that has had a BIG impact on the lives of children in Niger! We have fed children daily meals, built latrines, constructed classrooms and filled those classrooms with desks and supplies. This is a big deal for children and their families in Niger.

This year we will ride for supplies and meals. For about 25 cents you can feed a child a meal at the boarding school. 25 CENTS! That means that for $25 you’re providing 100 meals. Keep doing the math and it becomes obvious that you can make a big difference quickly!

Yes, it’s true that when you rally you raise money. But, more than that, you are raising MEALS for the children and FRUIT TREES for the garden, DESKS for the classrooms and SUPPLIES for the students. You’re helping to make a quality education possible for children in Niger. Thank you!


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