Rally In Niger

IMG_1123The first annual Rally in Niger took place at the Tsibiri Boarding School on October 28.  It was a balmy 93 degrees Fahrenheit without a cloud in the sky at 5pm in the afternoon.  First, the boys played a hard-fought game of soccer that ended in a 0-0 tie.  The boys clearly thought they were professional soccer players as they donned the jerseys that came from a supporter in Washington DC.

While it was an exciting and entertaining game, the highlight for me was when the girls took the field.  A roar of appreciation came from the girls when it was announced that the girls would be playing next.  Although girls’ soccer is not common in Niger and most of the girls on the field did not have a lot of experience, I was impressed with their skills, aggressiveness and endurance in the hot and dusty conditions.  Really, the best part was that the girls had the opportunity to play in front of a crowd of 450 students who were totally captivated by the game.  In the end, everyone agreed that this was an activity that must occur more frequently.