Remember Niger Celebrates 10 Years in Zinder!

Working with the school in Zinder has been one of my greatest joys over the past ten years. I can vividly recall getting to know those on the school committee for the first time while sitting around in a circle of plastic chairs. We sat outside of the nearly completed, first classroom on a hot and windy day in 2007. The land was dry and hard with a few thorn bushes and a brick wall surrounding the two acres. Harouna Labo, the school administrator, described the vision for the land and future buildings in such a way that they came to life right there in that circle. Harouna and his wife have entrepreneurial spirits and, as the saying goes, almost everything thing they touch turns to gold. This is primarily due to their intuitive sense for success and determination to see projects through.

In this newsletter:

  • A discussion with Harouna about the Zinder school and some of the images we have captured over the last 10 years.
  • A volunteer’s perspective from the March 2017 trip to Niger.
  • Be Connected! Remember Niger is working with schools in the United States to connect them with students in Niger.

Thank you for your continued support!

Kara VanderKamp, President and Executive Director