Safe housing and access to school

Ousseina completed 6th grade and passed the required national grade exam, but without a middle school in her small village she would have to live in a large city in order to continue her education. Her mother immediately got to work, by contacting Isti, the director of RNC supported boarding school in Tsibiri. Isti had to turn her away, since the dormitory for secondary school students was full.

Not to be deterred, Ousseina’s mother found a friend of a friend in Tsibiri who was willing to take her in for the school year. This year, the father of that family told Ousseina’s mom that they could no longer host Ousseina. As soon as she heard this news, Ousseina’s mother went back to talk to Isti.

This time, a year later, the timing was right and there was space available. Ousseina is now thriving in middle school and working toward her dream of being a nurse. Her mother fought hard, and remains fully committed to helping her achieve her goals!