Secondary School Scholars

Secondary School Scholarships for GirlsThis year, we are starting an exciting new scholarship program for girls – “The Secondary School Scholars”. The Remember Niger Coalition will fund scholarships for girls who want to continue their education after primary school, but whose parents are unable to afford it. The scholarships will cover room and board, uniforms, books and supplies. The boarding school at Tsibiri has traditionally allowed 5 or 6 girls to continue to stay in the dorms after they graduate from primary school so that they can attend middle school. In the past, these are girls who come from villages where there are no middle schools and their parents are able to afford to pay for school supplies and uniforms. The number of girls will increase to 12-15 students, depending on the number of scholarships we are able to fund. It’s important to note that only 9% of girls attend middle school in Niger.