Sibling SUCCESS!

We are humbled and thankful for the ways your support is helping people in need in Niger. Mariama’s brother graduated from the boarding school we support several years ago. He received an excellent education and was at the top of his class. In fact, he did so well that the Niger government gave him a scholarship to attend secondary school at the School of Excellence. About 5 years ago, Mariama’s father divorced her mother and abandoned his family of 12 children. Mariama showed a lot of academic promise, and her mother desperately wanted her to go to the boarding school so she could receive one of the best educations in Niger, like her brother. However, due to the family situation, she could not afford the cost of tuition.

The Tsibiri boarding school has an excellent reputation and is in high demand. The school has a computer lab, a garden, fresh food, and excellent teachers. The Minister of Education for Niger has visited the school on several occasions to highlight it as a model a school.

With a list of students waiting to get into the school and the financial hardships the family had endured when Mariama’s father left, her mother knew that it would be difficult for Mariama to obtain a spot in the school. When her son graduated and his space became available, she very quickly arranged for a meeting with Isti, the school’s director. She asked that Mariama be allowed to take her son’s spot in the RNC sponsorship program.

While Mariama attended public school for 2 years, it was worth the wait when her mom’s persistence paid off and she was finally accepted into the school. Mariama is flourishing today as a student and she dreams of becoming a judge when she is older. When asked what she likes best about the school, she responded by saying, “the teachers teach well and really want to see their students succeed!”

Pictures of the Tsibiri Boarding School