Sponsor Needed!

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Isti, the director of the boarding school at Tsibiri told me a sad story that has a hopeful ending. There is a man that he knows who divorced his wife and married another woman.  The man took his young boy to live with him and his new wife, and the ex-wife was forced to return to live with her parents.

Unfortunately, the new wife is not a nice woman and, apparently, she has a bad temper.  While she has not hit the young boy, she is mean to him and destructive with his things.  A church pastor, who is friends with the father, suggested that he attend the boarding school.  Even though the father could not afford the school fees, Isti kindly allowed the boy to attend for the last couple of months. When Isti asked if we could look for a sponsor for the young boy who is now in second grade, I immediately said yes!

If you have been considering becoming a sponsor, now would be a great time!  The next school year will be starting soon, and it would be wonderful if we can find a sponsor to pay the boy’s tuition.  Thank you!