Sponsored Students

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What a joy it was to spend time with all of the students, but especially the ones who are sponsored. I cannot thank our sponsors enough for their commitment. It is absolutely the reality, that without assistance these students would be doing nothing at home or begging on the street with very little hope for the future. But now, they can dream about the future and what it might hold. In fact, when I asked the sponsored students why they liked going to school, without exception, all of them responded by saying that they were so happy to “be a student.” That’s a difficult concept to understand as Americans. Because education in the United States is compulsory, we have a tendency to take it for granted. In Niger, not only is it not mandatory or guaranteed, but it’s unlikely. That is why these children see themselves as the luckiest people in the world – because they are students, which means that they have a future.

With gratitude,