Q: How do I sponsor a student?

A: A sponsorship for a primary school girl or boy (ages pre-K through 6th grade) is $420 per year ($35 per month).  A secondary-school girl’s scholarship is $600 per year ($50 per month).

To sponsor a student:
1) Use our secure online donation options. Please select $420 (primary school) or $600 (secondary school) to pay in full, or you may select $35 (primary) or $50 (secondary girl) to pay monthly.

2) contact jfrye@rememberniger.org, sponsorship coordinator.

3) donate via check. Please mail all donations to:

Remember Niger Coalition, 430 E. 8th Street, #146, Holland MI 49423

Q: What is a student sponsorship with Remember Niger?

A: A student sponsorship means you are financially sponsoring a student to attend school and ultimately letting them know that someone cares for them and believes them capable of succeeding not only in school but in their lives afterward. Your gift goes a long way to support a student in Niger!

Q: How is my sponsorship money used?

A: Your gift helps your sponsored child as well as schools supported by Remember Niger! Your donation combines with gifts from all other sponsors who support kids in Niger. A sponsorship provides…

Tuition to attend school for one year, AND

Books and supplies, including computer classes, AND

Meal programs to supplement where food is lacking, AND

Medical and Hygiene assistance, AND


Q: What is the difference between a Student Sponsorship and a Secondary School Girls Scholarship?

A: The Student Sponsorship Program covers the costs of an education for primary school-aged females, students who are orphaned or abandoned, students coming from a disadvantaged families, or students of evangelists. These funds are also used to defray the operating costs of schools because of the discrepancy between the cost of tuition charged for all students and the “real cost” of educating a child in Niger.

The Secondary School Girls Scholarship Program funds the costs of school fees, school supplies, and living for secondary school-age girls. Girls chosen for this program are from disadvantaged families and live too far from the closest secondary school to live at home. They are given the opportunity to live and study at one of the schools.

Q: How long will I be able to sponsor the same student?

A: Sponsors can continue to sponsor the same student while the student is attending one of the primary schools supported by RN. In some cases, sponsors can continue to sponsor a female student throughout her secondary school years as part of the Secondary School Girls Scholarship Program.

Q: Can I communicate directly with the child I sponsor? If so, how?

A: We travel to Niger twice a year carrying simple drawings, short letters, and photographs from sponsors to be delivered to students. The students love to see photos of the sponsors families, their surrounding landscape, their schools, etc. We also return to the U.S. with pictures of the sponsored students, drawings they have made, and letters they have written.

The Sponsorship Program provides additional annual opportunities, such as Yearbooks, Progress Reports, and Holiday Cards, for sponsors to connect with the students they sponsor.

Q: Can I visit the child I sponsor?

A: Yes! Remember Niger provides an opportunity for supporters to travel to Niger to meet the children they sponsor, see they schools they helped build, and experience the culture of those they care for so deeply.

Q: Can I help grow the Student Sponsorship Program aside from sponsoring a student?

A: Yes, please do! We love when our supporters host their own Sponsorship Tables at neighborhood events, school events, church events, etc. to help us find new sponsors. Email Julie Frye at jfrye@rememberniger.org to talk about getting materials for your Sponsorship Table.