Sunday in Maradi, Niger

We experienced another beautiful day here in Niger! Occasionally, someone will comment to me that they have read about the very cold weather we have at this time. I remind them that we also experience snow and ice and he or she will say they can’t imagine it.
This morning, we attended church and experienced their usual two-plus hour worship service. There is lots of singing and a long sermon along with the usual liturgy of scripture reading by the leaders. Children are in worship for the first hour and then leave for their Sunday School classes.  It is always a joyful experience!
Kara and I met an interesting American while we were eating lunch. He came to our table and told us what he’s doing which is a lot of humanitarian work in Haiti and Niger. He said the countries are very similar in the amount of poverty they have and the huge gap between the rich and poor.
We go to the Tsibiri school tomorrow.  We are looking forward to seeing the children!