Sunday Worship and Traffic

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sunday-church-serviceFor us, in the US, a worship service on Sunday morning seems long if it goes over an hour. However, Nigerien Christians expect to be in worship for two hours or longer every Sunday morning. Besides the length of the service, another impressive aspect to me is that everyone in the congregation, even the choirs, sings from memory. There are no hymnals nor any printed material. The singing, accompanied by a pianist playing “by ear” and a drummer, lasted the first hour. The congregation sang joyfully with swaying motion and hand clapping.  They were dressed in their Sunday outfits.  The women and girls were dressed very colorfully and warmly since they consider this as the cold season.  The second hour was filled with scripture reading by worship leaders and the sermon by the pastor who was dressed in a shiny pink shirt and black pants.  I was amazed when a woman in the congregation stood up during the sermon to answer a question.  The pastor and congregation looked as though this were normal.

A few words about the traffic:  I think it looks as though there are too few streets and streetlights and no sidewalks.  Cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks and pedestrians compete with each other for a place in the roads. I have observed “close calls” but no accident yet.  Perhaps the drivers are more careful than I think.  I hope so!