Support and encouragement for her son

The Mother's Fund is a scholarship fund for girls in Niger honoring the strength and love of mothers.

Looking at this proud mother gaze at her son with love and admiration, you would never guess that this young man is deaf. Life has not been easy for him. During a visit, we were once again reminded that deafness often means exclusion in Niger because of the great challenge of communication.

Fortunately, this young man has a loving and supportive family. His mother recognizes his strengths and knows his gifts. She is committed to doing everything in her power to help him be the person that God created him to be, including sending him to a special school for deaf children in Niamey. In addition to a quality education, the school provides a supportive and encouraging space for the deaf community.

The Remember Niger Coalition is committed to helping create more quality educational opportunities for all children and youth in Niger. This frequently means working with the most vulnerable people because they are often left on the outskirts of society.