Sustainable School Communities

The Remember Niger Coalition supports local community partners who are establishing safe and sustainable school communities. A safe and sustainable school community is a place where all children are welcomed, cared for, and receive a quality education. Moreover, school leaders proactively address environmental issues, local concerns, and student needs in order to ensure that the school community is safe and resilient. Remember Niger Coalition and its partners have identified the following components that are important for creating safe and sustainable school communities:

School Construction
•     Permanent cement block classrooms
•     Campus security walls

Academic Enrichment Programs
•     Sponsorships for girls and boys             
•     Well-trained teachers
•     Libraries and computer labs

Solar powered installation
•     Solar-powered wells
•     Solar power for access to electricity

Good Health for Students
•     School gardens
•     Nutritious meals for students
•     Gender-specific latrines
•     Hand washing stations

Girls Advancement Program
•   Scholarships for girls and women to continue their education beyond primary school
•   Hamsa GIrls’ Education Center