That Middle School Update You’ve All Been Waiting On

Hassane, Labo, Kara Middle School

The middle school looks great, feels great, smells great… well you get the picture! It’s exciting to see it already taking shape and progressing since we completed the Laying the Foundation Campaign in June.

Here’s a cool update for you, that even I have just learned: our partners in Niger have chosen to construct the middle school building in a way that they can add a second level if the need becomes evident.

We are having trouble containing our excitement about the upcoming school year when the first class will begin.

I made a point to discuss how important it is that girls attend this school just as much as boys. The director agreed, sharing that he has already surveyed the girls who have just completed CM2 (6th grade). 9 out of 15 of these girls voiced a desire to go to middle school!

The next step is for both the students and the administrators to speak to the parents and get their support. Understanding that financial support play a significant role in determining if these girls can continue their schooling, we are interested in providing sponsorships to give parents an incentive to send their girls to school.