The Disappearing and Reappearing Computers

Students with computers 2Our volunteer team drove up to the Aguie school near the end of the day to a warm welcome. James gave a little sermon to the older students about love while Coleen translated, Kara took class pictures, Tricia handed out messages from donors, and Jean was able to meet with several students that are sponsored by her church members. In addition, we brought in a small trunk with five laptop computers to be installed in the 6th grade room.

As the laptops were removed and unwrapped from their protective packaging, all eyes were on the volunteers. The students are extremely well behaved so there wasn’t any commotion, but the energy in the room was palpable as everyone repositioned themselves on their schoolroom benches for a better look. When the five laptops were out, we invited a few students over to see them, which allowed us to take some pictures!

Kara brought cables and locks along so that the computers can be securely installed in the classroom. However, this work can’t be done for a couple of days, so we started packing up the computers for safekeeping until they can be set up properly.

The moment we started putting the computers away, the mood in the room changed. The delight on the students’ faces quickly changed to concern. Their body language clearly asked, “What on EARTH are you doing?” It would be a pretty dirty trick to put computers out for a few pictures, then take them away, and I think that’s what was going through their minds.

Their directrice (principal), a wonderful woman named Leatou, quickly explained the situation to the students. The computers are only going as far as Ibrahim’s house until the security locks and cables can be installed in the concrete floor. Kara, understanding their feelings, quickly added, “Don’t worry! Ibrahim will be here next Tuesday to do the work, won’t you, Ibrahim?” All eyes on Ibrahim, who promised to work quickly to get the job done. In fact, he won’t be able to get there until Wednesday, but rest assured that this project is safe in his very capable hands, and that the computer station will be up and running within the week!