The Madaoua School, by Alex Parler

On Friday, we visited the new school in Madaoua. When I was in Niger last year, we had a meeting with a man from Madaoua who had a vision for a primary school in his town. Since then, the church there has established a kindergarten on their property with some very dedicated teachers and strong, excited group of young students.

By October 2015, a brand new school building will be built for students up through the third grade. I sat in the back of the kindergarten class and watched as the children went up to the front of the classroom one by one to present to their classmates all of the things that they’ve been learning. Students listed the government officials of Niger, farm animals, the ABC’s, and some sang songs. I believe that the electric atmosphere of the classroom coupled with the devotion of the school’s leaders bodes well for the future of the Madaoua primary school.


Madaoua Students copy.jpg