The Smith Boys’ “Far-Away Sister”

2015 Oct Halimatou Djadi 2Matthew (12) and Austin (10) Smith’s family has been sponsoring Halimatou for almost four years. These boys have corresponded with Halimatou and they think of her as their far-away sister! We sent them a few questions to learn more about how their family’s sponsorship has influenced them.

Why is it important to you that your family sponsor Halimatou to attend school?
Austin: It’s important that my family sponsors Halimatou so she can make friends and learn so she can have a job. Also, God loves everyone, so we should ALL be able to go to school.
Matthew: It is important that she gets an education and have a good life.

What is your favorite memory of Halimatou?
A: My favorite memory of Halimatou is when she sent me a letter saying she was grateful that we sponsored her.
M: My favorite memory of her is when she sent me a carved swan as a gift.

Do you feel like Halimatou is part of your family?
A: I do feel like Halimatou is part of my family. We are going to hang her picture in our house with mine and my 3 brothers’ pictures. My mom always says that she is part of our family, so she is!
M: I do because we pray for her and talk about her some times.

Do you think that sponsoring Halimatou has changed you?
A: If it has changed me, it might not be showing yet. But, I know that God is working in me through this. Plus, God says that we are supposed to help and be at service.
M: Yes. It makes me more grateful for all of my opportunities.

What would you be willing to do without/give up for a month in order for your family to continue sending Halimatou to school?
A: This is tough. I guess I would give up my daily allowance. I save some of my allowance, but I would give away the part that I get to keep.
M: I would go without eating chips and junk food!