Traversing Niger

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We traveled three hours by road yesterday to visit the other primary schools we support. The children are very energetic and eager to learn, and the teachers seem to really enjoy their jobs. Their enthuisiasm definitely motivates and encourages us to continue our work with Remember Niger. I’m looking forward to getting to know the children and teachers better while we work on art projects together in a week or two.

moussaThis morning, Ruth and I went to Tsibiri and worked on penpal letters with the children. An elementary school in Minnesota sent letters to the Nigerien children, and then the children in Niger responded. It was fun to read what the kids wrote. Below is an example and I’ve included the author’s picture. Moise  is one of the children who receives a full scholarship from Remember Niger.

Bonjour My Friend,

My name is Moise and I am 14 years old. I live in Niger. It is cold now, but it’s not raining. My favorite animal is the lion. In Niger we eat millet, rice, meat, etc… My friends are Hassane and Kalleb. My pet is a dog. I’m telling you that I live with my mother, but my father died in 2006. In Niger we have wild animals: giraffes, rats, birds and insects, like: mosquitos.  We are in the cool and dry season because it doesn’t rain. Also, I like sheep and I like to celabrate Christmas and Easter.