Tsahirou – Confident and Ready for Next Chapter

Tsahirou and other boys

Tsahirou and other boys from his village

It was really great to see all of our sponsorship students again!  Some of the students have been in the program for nearly 3 years now, and it’s wonderful to see how they have grown and progressed.

Many of you have heard me speak about Tsahirou, a 6th grade student who came to the school when he was 10 years old and was placed in the 3rd grade.  While he hasn’t grown too much taller since I met him 3 years ago, it’s awesome to see how he is so much more sure of himself and confident in his academic abilities.  I was reminiscing with Isti, the director of the school, about how nervous Tshariou was when he first arrived.  In fact, he seemed scared and out of place.  It was difficult to get two words out of him.  Isti mentioned that in the first month that he was in school he ran away back to his village three times.  It took him about an hour to get there by foot.

That story makes it all the more satisfying when Tsahirou tells me that he’s ready to take the 6th grade exam at the end of the year, go on to middle school and eventually become a policeman.  It was also fun to meet the 4 other boys from Tsahirou’s village who have since joined the school through the sponsorship program.  You can see from the photo that Tsahirou is most definitely the leader of the group!