Tsibiri Garden

Garden at Tsibiri School

Sanda, the teacher/gardener at Tsibiri, and some of the garden

We walked down a path towards the garden and honestly we were amazed at its size!  When Kara had seen it in the past, it was quite small – the persistent dry conditions really affecting what they could grow.  They have had an irrigation system and pump, but it was very inadequate.  This year’s rainy season, which began a few weeks ago, has had a dramatic impact on the garden.  Isti also saw that one of the school’s teachers has an interest in the garden, and is now employing him to be the gardener.  He definitely has a ‘green thumb’.  The plants are now numerous and healthy and God willing, will produce a terrific crop for the school.

One of the key pieces of the Rotary Global Grant is a new pump for the garden.  This will allow fruit and vegetables to be grown throughout the year, not just in the rainy season.  It is important not only because Tsibiri is a boarding school, but now fresh fruits and vegetables, not just dried, will be available for the students during the school year.  It will make a big difference in the nutrition level of the food.

The picture shows Sanda, the teacher/gardener at Tsibiri, and some of the garden.



  1. A new water pump for the EERN school’s garden in Tsibiri will make a huge difference on the children and teachers’ nutrition as Cathy’s blog points out. Once the pump is installed and working their work in preparing the soil and planting the seeds will not be in vain because they can count on regular watering of the vegetables and fruits. In the past, after the pump no longer worked, it was disheartening to watch everything in the garden whither and die and not be able to do anything to change the situation. Therefore, thank you Rotary International for the generous grant. It not only provides a water pump at Tsibiri but other necessary funds for other EERN schools.

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