What is it like to be a sponsored student?

20151027 Sponsorship studentThrough interviews with parents of our sponsored students, we now have a better idea of how to answer that question. Our sponsored students are often the first person in their family to go to school. That’s a big deal and a lot of pressure! It also means that they don’t have anyone to model study habits at home. Most families lack important items for creating healthy learning environments, such as lamps to study by at night. At the Zinder school, many of the sponsored students are sick and absent more than the average student. Specifically, the school director told me that there were many more cases of malaria within that cohort of students. This is one of the reasons why the medicine kits that Remember Niger supplies to the schools we support are so important. Additionally, we discussed the possibility of giving mosquito nets to the families of our sponsored students. The bottom line is that the sponsored students need extra support!