What Would You Eat At School In Niger?

Snack time

It’s snack time – a favorite part of the day for kids everywhere!

Kids love snacks, and parents want those snacks to be healthful.  This is true just about anywhere you go, including Niger.  So when the students at our schools are out playing at recess, they are always glad to see the Snack Lady!

The snack ladies are local entrepreneurs who prepare healthful snacks at home and take them to the school playground to sell during recess.  You will be glad to know that they are strictly regulated.  Each snack lady has to have a permit from the government.  To obtain a permit, the snacks she prepares must meet certain nutrition requirements and must be prepared in an environment that meets government standards.  In addition, the snack lady herself must be in good health!  She has to have verification from a doctor, and if she gets sick, she can’t prepare food or come onto the school property until she has a clean bill of health.  The school principals check their documents regularly to make sure everything is up to date and that they have been cleared to come onto school grounds.

The students don’t care much about all that, though – they just know that for a few cents, they can buy a sumptuous home made treat from their local Snack Lady!