Wonderful News about Aguie

Today, I received an email from Ibrahim, our colleague in Niger, this morning with some wonderful news that I immediately wanted to pass on to you.

Your support allowed us to complete the construction of the school – two blocks of classrooms – in the village of Aguie. It’s difficult to express in words what a tremendous difference this makes in so many lives and how grateful we are! By establishing that school we are ensuring that over 300 children get to go to a great school every year. Most of these are children wouldn’t otherwise get to go to school.


In addition, I just learned that the Nigerien government has chosen the newly constructed Aguie school to hold the annual exam for that region of the country. This is the exam that all students who have completed their 6th year must take in order to continue on with their educational pursuits.

Being chosen as the exam site is a great honor for our partners in Niger! They are thrilled that they can show the school to so many people.

And, it gives me the opportunity to say “thank you!” for all that you do for the children in Niger! You made this possible. Thank you for building the school in Aguie and changing so many lives.