Zinder and Aguie – More Good News

Kara and I visited the schools at Zinder and Aguie yesterday.  Zinder is about 4 hours east of Maradi (our home base) and Aguie is between the two cities.  It was a long day but well worth the time, as we have even more good news to share!

Niger is split into several provinces and Zinder is the capital of one of them.  Each province ranks the sixth grade students’ exam results.  The sixth grade students in the Zinder school also did really well! However, the biggest news is that one of the students, Houge, had the highest score in all of Zinder!  She is one of our sponsored students, and everyone is so thankful for her support and for the Sponsorship Program as a whole.  We spent some time talking about the Sponsorship Program and how important it is.  Thank you to all who have sponsored a student, and to Pat McKisson for coordinating this program for us.


Giraffe mural at the Tsibiri school



  1. Last week I found out that one of my students, Ryan, got a perfect 36 on his ACT exam! I can tell you that I am every bit as delighted and proud of Houge and her outstanding work. What great news!

  2. I love the photo! That’s exciting news about Houge and the sponsorship program!

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