Rally for Niger

Rally for Niger

Please join us for the 5th annual Rally for Niger event to raise awareness and money for children and education in Niger. Biking, running, walking, hula-hooping…it all counts!

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Select a participant or team to donate towards their goal! Register as an individual, join a team or create your own team!

Rally Event Details

When: September thru November: see team details for specific dates
Where: Sites throughout the United States & Niger
What: Bike, run, walk, hula-hoop, dance, join a hunger challenge, choose your favorite activity
Why: The money raised will go to provide meals and school supplies for students in Niger:

  • $25 = about 100 meals for a primary school student
  • $25 = school supplies for a primary school student
  • $100 = a student desk for two primary school students
  • $200 = a fruit tree for the boarding school
  • $500 = a garden patch in the boarding school’s garden

How: It’s easy and fun to participate. You can join an existing event or create your own rally wherever you live. Here are the 5 simple steps:

Kuba Rally for Niger Learn More

Learn about prizes and other rally details

  1. Choose a weekend in September, October or November that works for you.
  2. Sign up online & choose a goal.
  3. Choose your activity.
  4. Ask friends, colleagues and family members to help you reach your goal.
  5. Rally for Niger on the day you chose.

(Optional) Ask friends and family to join you!

There is no cost to register. All of the funds you raise will go towards towards food, the garden, or school supplies and desks for students in Niger.

Sponsor a Student in Niger

The children in this program are chosen because they are the most vulnerable people in their communities. They are orphans, girls and children who come from the poorest of poor homes.


  1. Click on Begin a new Sponsorship to donate. Type in the name of the student in the donation form, or just ask us to select a student for you.
  2. Send an email to Kara VanderKamp. Mail a donation check to the address listed on the right.

Meet some of the children waiting to know that a sponsor will support them! It is only $30 per month or $360 per year.


View the videos that were created while in Niger in January 2013

Short interviews with some of the sponsored students

The Food Program supported by Remember Niger

A tour of the Tsibiri Garden and School