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Remember Niger Coalition

3 days 8 hours ago

#RememberNiger works with its partners in Niger, Africa to expand quality educational opportunities for orphaned and impoverished children.
Photo credit: Char Harouna

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Celebrating Your Big Results!

Starting on September 24th through October 9, hundreds of supporters from Michigan, Minnesota, DC, and South Carolina rallied at bike ...
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Feeling Inspired

Last month, we had the exciting privilege of visiting a school on an old French military base, Mirriah. This school ...
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Solar Powered Schools, Here We Come!

Niger is quite rich in sun, as many of us know well, especially because the sun is the center of ...
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Enjoying Niamey

One day last week we drove around Niamey in Maman's taxi, tending to various errands. With the windows rolled down ...
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We are thrilled for Houge!

This trip to Niger was full of exciting and heartwarming updates! I had the opportunity to catch up with our ...
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That Middle School Update You’ve All Been Waiting On

The middle school looks great, feels great, smells great… well you get the picture! It's exciting to see it already ...
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