Naomi“I have something to say! My name is Naomi and I am an orphan. I am so thankful for my sponsorship because without it I don’t know where I would be. But, there are many more children like me who need sponsorships. My hope is that you will help them too!”

– Naomi, 6th grade student & sponsorship recipient at Aguie Primary School
Did you know?– 47% of Nigerien children do NOT attend school
– 28% of Nigeriens are literate
– Only 9% of girls in Niger attend secondary school
– 2/3 of Nigerien girls are married before age 18 and 1/3 before age 15
– The average Nigerien woman will have seven children—the highest birthrate in the world!
We have the power to change lives
Sponsorships in NigerPrimary School, donation of $360 per year or $30 per month.


Girls' Scholarships in NigerSecondary School, donation of $600 per year or $50 per month.


Farida B

Farida is in 1st grade.

Abdoulaye Y.

Abdoulaye Y. is in 1st grade

Almoustapha I.

Almoustapha I. is in 1st grade.

Nathalie L

Nathalie is in 9th grade.

Hariya L

Hariya is in 7th grade.

Suzane Y

Suzane is in 7th grade.

If you feel called to change the life of a child in Niger

Please send a check for $360 or $600 made payable to Remember Niger Coalition to our mailing address shown below (memo: Student Sponsorship or Girls’ Scholarship).

Or, donate online on our Sponsorships page.

We will send you your student packet that includes a photo and information about your student and much more!