Why Rally for Niger?

Our Rally Progress
For the past five years people like you have rallied together to raise money for children in Niger. The rallies are fun and there is a sense of camaraderie as we chat, laugh, and even suffer together. Friends give up their time because they know that this sacrifice will make a difference in the lives of children thousands of miles away.

Most people will never travel to Niger, and yet it does not stop us from caring about the people there. We want the children in Niger to have the same opportunities as we have to improve their lives and realize their full potential.

The Remember Niger Coalition began because we saw a unique opportunity to help Nigeriens who have a vision for their country. Our Nigerien partners envision a transformed Niger through primary education. They began with one school with about 400 students. They now run five schools with well over 1,000 children. By 2024, there will be ten schools! These schools have an outstanding reputation in Niger because parents see the success as almost 100% of the students pass the government required sixth grade exam to go on to middle school.

Through the Rally for Niger, we help provide quality education for each child. This year’s theme is “Back to School.” We will make certain that the students and teachers are equipped with the supplies they need to provide and receive the best education possible.

Last year, one of our participants in Washington, DC told me that in today’s world she found it comforting to know that the money she raised would put a mosquito net over a sleeping child, or a desk in a classroom, or food in a child’s belly. She was making a tangible difference in a child’s life! That is why we rally – to make a difference! Thank you for being part of RNC and making a difference!

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