The Remember Niger Coalition’s Girl Advancement Programs foster opportunities that encourage girls to enroll in or stay in school. These programs range from additional girl sponsorships and scholarships at our partner schools to supporting the creation of a program entirely for young women. We encourage all our partner schools to emphasize and demonstrate the value of girls’ education to the community and parents.

Scholarships for girls and young women

Remember Niger Coalition provides scholarships to girls and young women in order to raise attendance rates in secondary school and empower young women. Remember Niger Coalition partners with secondary schools and educational institutions that provide formal school opportunities and technical training post-primary school. The program was launched in 2016 with 24 scholarship recipients. In 2019, we teamed up with Global Giving to provide scholarships to 72 girls and young women across four different programs and schools.

Hamsa Girls Education Center

The Hamsa Girls Education Center aims to address some of the factors that perpetuate the cultural notion that girls don’t need an education in Niger. Keeping girls in school and building their skills not only reduces child marriage, but also increases the economic productivity of married girls, while having long­standing effects on the girl, her family, and her community. Through a culturally sensitive, diverse approach that offers both formal educational opportunities such as tutoring and test support, as well as skills training, the Hamsa Center aims to help break the cycle of multi-dimensional poverty, reduce early marriage rates through sensitization, and improve the overall quality of life for this generation of young women and generations to come.

In 2016, the Remember Niger Coalition began a partnership with the Hamsa Girls Education Center to address barriers to getting and keeping girls in school. The Remember Niger Coalition constructed a solar water well and security compound wall around the school in 2017 and the first classroom was completed in February 2018. Under local community leadership, the Hamsa Girls Education Center offers a safe space that provides both formal and informal learning opportunities for adolescent girls and young women in Niger.